See how KLEENEX serves just ONE (Sep, 1951)

See how KLEENEX serves just ONE

Perfect balance. Of course you want a soft tissue —a strong tissue. Kleenex* has the “just right” combination of softness and brawn. (Thanks to a special process.) And each Kleenex tissue is perfectly uniform: always the same topflight quality you know you can depend on for every use —from colds to makeup removal.

Saves as It serves. No other tissue has the handy Serv-a-Tissue box. With Kleenex you pull one double tissue at a time (not a handful), and the next pops up. Ends waste — saves trouble, saves money. So don’t take just “tissues.” Insist on wonderfully soft, strong Kleenex—your best buy in tissues.

Pure.. so lint-free. Only finest ingredients go into Kleenex . . . from pulp to package. Pure cellulose fibers, with absolutely no ground wood. That’s why you won’t find weak spots or hard particles in this tissue. And test after test proves Kleenex freer from lint. Won’t aggravate sore noses, during colds.

Get several boxes when you buy— you’ll always have a good supply

Ends waste…
… saves you money

  1. Tim says: October 7, 20113:43 pm

    She probably shouldn’t be waving those tissues around; it looks like the house is on fire behind her.

  2. BO BABBYO says: October 7, 201111:20 pm

    I think it’s something radiation-related.

  3. PoppyJoe says: October 10, 201112:59 pm

    Anyone remember jingle? “Soft, strong, pops up too, Kleenex tissues were made for you!”

  4. Rick s. says: October 10, 20112:34 pm

    Did anyone else notice the ad at the bottom of this article?

    “100% recycled tissues” http://www.seventhgener…



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