Self-Expanding Trailer Becomes Camp Home (Apr, 1960)

Self-Expanding Trailer Becomes Camp Home

EVERY YEAR the nation’s camping-trailer manufacturers go a bit further in their contest to see which can cram the most possible living and sleeping space into the smallest folded package. A new trailer expands electrically from the neat, low-slung package in the top photo to the full size 15-foot trailer at left below. In the minute that it takes to expand itself, the inside sprouts a gas floor furnace, gas stove, sink, closet, dining area, two beds and a couch, all of which fold up or down out of the walls as the roof is raised. An interesting new feature is full glass-fiber insulation. The inventor, Leo Hagenson, won a grand championship ribbon at the Minnesota Inventor’s Congress for his work on the trailer.

  1. Charlene says: October 28, 20116:55 am

    “Quick! Drive away before he climbs in!”

  2. M.S.W. says: October 28, 20112:09 pm

    Transform and roll out… 😉

  3. Toronto says: October 29, 20116:47 pm

    Soft-top, then soft-side, then “solid state” tent trailers through the 1960’s and 70’s basically merged into this idea, with improvements. And tent trailers – all types – were really great on traveling vacations, such as when moving from coast to coast.

    We must have put 20,000 miles on our Woods soft-top, then another 10,000 on our hard-top Apache, as a family. It was a summer cottage you could tow with a Chevelle.

  4. Sean says: October 31, 20113:45 am

    My grandparents had one of these. My mother’s mostly less-than-fond memories mostly involve being the one who had to crawl back in to get anything needed at a rest stop since she was the only one who fit while the top was down.

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