Self-Heating Gas Flatiron Carries Its Own Tank (Dec, 1938)

I wonder how you fill the tank…

Self-Heating Gas Flatiron Carries Its Own Tank
In camp or at home, away from gas stove and electric line, the housewife can do her ironing with a self-heating iron. Using gas under pressure, it has its own small tank attached, and its chromium-plated base heats evenly.

  1. PCarney says: January 21, 20088:11 am

    Actually these were quite common in rural areas before electrification. They operated on gasoline and had a small hand operated pump much like a Coleman lantern.


  2. Blurgle says: January 21, 20081:54 pm

    Or the housewife could say “to heck with it, you’re wearing wrinkled clothing and you’ll like it”.

    Although it appears as if she’s actually ironing a tea towel. Okay…

  3. Repack Rider says: January 21, 20089:00 pm

    In camp? People need to iron clothing in camp?

    And really, if you live in an area where there is no electricity, I can’t see your peers being particularly snooty about how well your overalls are ironed.

  4. Max says: January 21, 200811:54 pm

    For most of the 20th century, people in rural areas took great pains to be dressed in their very best clothes, always immaculate and nicely pressed, for church on Sunday mornings.

  5. jtevans says: April 8, 200811:06 pm

    I have an older model. It looks very similar to the photo. I was told that it came from from my mother’s family ranch southwest of San Antonio, Texas. When I was about 11, (a long time ago) Mom told me that it ran on white (unleaded) gasoline, and that it worked very similar to a gasoline blowtorch.

    Does anyone know what rusted antique gas-power flatiron is worth?

  6. VICKIE JENKINS says: March 11, 200912:25 am


  7. george says: March 12, 20093:38 pm

    I have one that i am putting on ebay today so as for it’s worth check back By yhe way the gas andair go in the tank together on the back

  8. Dennis Farnik says: March 30, 201011:52 am

    I also have a gasoline powered Hand Iron. It’s like NEW, and still in the Original BOX it came from with the Instructions inside, etc.! I am really curious as to what it is worth, so I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you tell me what your’s sold for on e-bay and its condition! THANK YOU SO MUCH, in advance! Dennis

  9. Toronto says: March 30, 20101:27 pm

    Just out of curiosity, what’s the brand name?

  10. Dennis Farnik says: March 31, 20106:30 am

    The only thing I could find was on the included instruction sheet, it refers to it as a “Ward” iron and it was purchased from Montgomery Ward. I believe it may be older than the Coleman models.
    I’ll sell it to anyone interested…………There is NOTHING more thrilling than a bomb in your hand! :)) NO family should be without one!!

  11. Mark Krug says: April 11, 20106:15 pm

    My dad has one of these irons. Can anyone tell me the value?? Thanks!!!

  12. Firebrand38 says: April 11, 20107:03 pm

    Mark Krug: You can say that again!

    Everybody just start here http://www.antiqbuyer.c…

    I mean, come on genius…go to eBay and type in “gas iron

  13. bamigbe says: May 14, 20105:31 am

    this gas iron is a great need in our country, due to inconsistence of electricity supply if itonly mordarnized. i try meet up with the available agent responsible for this invention to actually modernize it to be more suitable and convienent when in use but i could not get any. if considered cal 234 8089701943 or mail [email protected]

  14. jayessell says: May 14, 20107:20 am

    A husband and wife go on a camping trip and when he unpacks he finds
    an electric flatiron.
    “Why did you bring this? I don’t think we need our camping clothes pressed.
    Even if we did, there’s no electricity out here.”

    She replies:
    I didn’t want to get out here then wonder if I left it plugged in.”

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