And thus a meme was born.


Form is everything in this most exhilarating of water sports. Back straight. Limbs tucked tight. Tail leveled out. Now a quick blast of power and away you go in a foamy streak. Once the basics are mastered, any old dog can turn the trick. In fact Peanuts, the enthusiastic Miami water buff introduced here, eschews the usual requirements of skis, tow line and high-speed towboat. When the urge strikes, he simply sprints to the water’s edge, splashes through the shallows, hurls himself into the air and puts on a show of skiing that would earn applause even at Cypress Gardens.

  1. Myles says: January 31, 201112:50 pm

    Huh, so the dog jumped funny?

  2. Wayne Johnston says: January 31, 20115:53 pm

    No, no. He wags his tail so fast he’s propelled over the water. 😉

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen from Life. What a marvellous sense of humour from the editors and photographer.

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