Senses of Blind Not More Acute / Illuminated Dog to Lead Blind (Sep, 1930)

What exactly is an illuminated dog? Is it a dog with a light on it? Because I think dogs can see fairly well in the dark..

Senses of Blind Not More Acute

THE popular idea that blind persons develop especially delicate senses of hearing and touch to compensate in part for loss of sight is exploded by Professor Pierre Villey, of the University of Caen, France, in summarizing recent psychological and physiological tests.

There exists, Professor Villey states, tests which determine the least amount of sound which a person can hear or the least pressure on the skin which can be felt. When these minimum sounds and skin pressures are measured for blind persons as compared with normal individuals no consistent differences are found. Accordingly, the French expert concludes, a blind person neither hears nor feels any more delicately or precisely than a normal individual.

What does happen is that the blind person may acquire unusual ability to discriminate between sensations derived from sound or touch and to interpret these sensations correctly. A musician who is able to see, Professor Villey points out, nevertheless acquires abnormal ability to distinguish small differences in musical tones. A bank clerk acquires unusual ability in identifying counterfeit money either by touch or by sight. A botanist will distinguish leaves or an entomologist insects which seem to ordinary people to be exactly alike.

Just so the Caen professor believes, blind persons pay more attention to the messages of touch and hearing than normal persons.

Illuminated Dog to Lead Blind
A BERLIN blind man has invented an illuminated dog so that he and other blind individuals may be led out for walks at night as well as in the daytime. Dogs are now trained in Europe and are being introduced into the United States to guide blind people.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 3, 20122:53 pm

    The illuminated dog was just covered in radium paint. Yea, they didn’t last long.

  2. Stephen says: December 4, 20125:01 am

    But one was used very successfully to frighten the heir of Baskerville Hall to death!

  3. Toronto says: December 4, 201212:55 pm

    An illuminated dog has a large and ornate capital “D” worked out in gold leaf on its flank.

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