Servo-Servant (Jul, 1961)

So, do you think there is someone in there?


Answer to a housewife’s — or fireman’s — prayer is a life-size, remote-controlled servomechanical robot built by Vienna engineer Claus Scholz.

The MM47 can do almost anything from housework to handling radioactive materials or fighting fires from the inside while the operator stays at a safe distance. The 105-pound plastic robot cost about $760 to build.

  1. cATFLAP says: April 5, 20083:59 am

    `So, do you think there is someone in there?`

    Judging by the lips in the 1st pic, and the outfit in the 2nd. Micheal Jackson would be my guess. 😀

  2. Pwilliam says: April 5, 20088:12 am

    Pretty good Halloween costume, though!

  3. Rick Auricchio says: April 5, 200810:04 am

    $760 in 1961 would be the equivalent of about $7000 today.

  4. Benzene says: April 5, 20083:13 pm

    “The 105-pound plastic robot”…”fighting fires”
    There could be an issue here.

  5. Blurgle says: April 5, 20083:30 pm

    I’m no engineer, but how could any robot that size and with enough machinery in it to do housework weigh 105 lb?

    I suspect it’s just a posing dummy covered in old chunks of Bakelite.

  6. Iigor says: April 5, 20086:23 pm

    can some one kindly Guess why we never heard of DR. Claus ever again, please can some one tell me?

  7. Rick Auricchio says: April 6, 20089:21 am

    He changed his name to Santa and became famous.

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