Shadowgraph Aids Judges (Nov, 1939)

Shadowgraph Aids Judges
WITH scores of beauteous contenders entered in the contest conducted to select the official Miss California during the Venice, Calif., Mardi Gras, a shadowgraph was devised to aid in judging entrants. Measurement lines were marked on a big sheet of plate glass, and when an entrant stepped into the frame, the judges were able to tell her measurements at a glance.

  1. docca says: January 13, 200812:16 pm

    I can almost hear the judges saying… “uhhh miss, could you pick up that pen on the floor?” 🙂

  2. Josh of Concord says: December 19, 20081:17 am

    Look at their faces?! Why would we look at faces in a beauty contest?

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