Shampoo Shade Saves Eyes (Dec, 1939)

This is just cute.

Shampoo Shade Saves Eyes
INSTEAD of objecting strenuously when they have their hair washed, youngsters get a kick out of it when they wear this new shampoo shade, because it keeps soap and water where they belong, on the hair and out of the eyes. Made of rubber, with pneumatic edges, this practical protector stays gently but firmly in place.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: April 29, 20077:00 pm

    I was born in 1951. There are photos of me, about the age of the child in the photo, wearing one.

    I think by then these shades were made of vinyl or something similar, with elastic for the inner diameter.

  2. Marcia Krafjack says: July 23, 200910:51 pm

    Where can I buy one of these. My mother used for me and I used for my three kids. Looking for one for my grandaughter. Can’t find in drug stores, they only sell lawn furniture

  3. Firebrand38 says: July 23, 200911:16 pm
  4. Firebrand38 says: July 24, 20091:37 pm
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