She shall have music wherever she goes! (Jul, 1947)

She shall have music wherever she goes!

Wherever you go with an RCA Victor Globe Trotter portable radio you’ll enjoy unusual richness and clarity of tone—volume enough for outdoor dancing—made possible through tiny tubes.

Miniature tubes save valuable space in small radios—space that can be used for larger and better loudspeakers and for longer lasting, radio-engineered RCA batteries.

These miniature tubes were developed by RCA Laboratories—a world center of radio and electronic research—and long a leader in development of electron tubes.

At RCA Laboratories, the same research, and advancement that resulted in these improved tubes, keep all RCA products and services at the top in their particular fields.

When you buy a product bearing the name RCA or RCA Victor—a radio set, television receiver, Vic-trola radio-phonograph, a radio tube
or phonograph record—you get one of the finest products of its kind science has yet achieved.

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  1. nlpnt says: January 15, 20087:39 pm

    The “luggable” phase of the portable radio.
    It takes up as much space for a radio alone as an ’80s boom box does for a radio and cassette deck- I can only wonder what the battery consumption is like.

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