Shell Ad: A phantom herd… from deep down underground (Aug, 1956)

A phantom herd… from deep down underground

Not long ago the primary source of glycerine was herds of cattle! Fats from these animals were transformed, by the makers of soap, into glycerine.

Gliding unseen through underground pipelines to the refinery and then the chemical plant, petroleum has become the partner of cattle herds. From the products of petroleum, Shell Chemical has been making high-quality glycerine since 1948.

Today, Shell glycerine fills about one-third of
America’s needs. It goes into ink, explosives, lipstick … cellophane and tobacco … toothpaste, paint, even sausage casings. It’s used in more than 1500 different ways … in just about every industry.

Manufacture of glycerine from the products of petroleum is another Shell Chemical contribution to the nation’s industry.
Shell Chemical Corporation
Chemical Partner of Industry and Agriculture

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