She’s Carrying The Torch (Aug, 1941)

She’s Carrying The Torch
LORRAIN BERTELSON is playing with fire, as she demonstrates the world’s largest welding torch, a feature of the American Welding Society’s part in the Western Metal Congress, held recently at Los Angeles, Calif. Leading scientists on defense metals discussed new alloys used in our preparedness program.

  1. Craig says: January 18, 20086:39 am

    I think we lost something significant in our culture when industry stopped making “the world’s biggest (whatever)”. Hmmm… maybe that was the beginning of the end.

  2. Al Bear says: January 18, 200811:00 am

    Welding in a dress, long hair and high heels on top of a ladder? classy!

  3. nlpnt says: January 18, 20083:48 pm

    Of course she’s classy! Likely she was either a model hired for the presentation or a member of the secretarial pool chosen for the task for her looks. No matter, she might well have wound up using a welding torch for real in just a few short months.

    I do wonder if the torch itself is meant to be a “world’s biggest” exhibition item, or for a practical purpose like ships’ hulls or other very large, thick slabs of metal.

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