She’s Not a Glamorous Beauty, Yet Dozens of Men Whisper “I Adore You” (Feb, 1937)

She’s Not a Glamorous Beauty, Yet Dozens of Men Whisper “I Adore You”

Into Her Attentive Ear This girl is no stranger to you. She’s the center of attraction in any group.

But she’s not a raving beauty . . . she’s not expensively dressed . . . and she’s not brimful of brains or wit. And yet, when she arrives at any gathering, every man in the place starts straightening his tie and immediately strives for her attention.

The prettier girls ask, “What do they see in her? The answer is obvious. For the popular girl has mastered the simple secrets of charm . . . allure . . . glamour. She has a radiant, magnetic personality— one which draws people to her and incites men to whisper, “I Adore You” into her attentive ear.

Fortunately, her charms can now be acquired by any woman. You can quickly learn the secrets of a captivating personality in the privacy of your own room. For Madame Sylvia, the famous beauty adviser to the Hollywood stars, describes hundreds of ways to develop charm and personality in her new book. This book, Pull Yourself Together, Baby! contains all the secrets on glamour that Madame Sylvia has gleaned from studying the most dynamic personalities of the stage and screen.

A Guide Book to Popularity Make no mistake about personality . . . you can acquire it . . . you can develop it. Not by acting giddy, or by acquiring any foolish frills or mannerisms. But by following the secrets of glamour as described in Sylvia’s new book. And if you think you must be as beautiful as the Hollywood stars or you can’t win the admiration of others—forget it! You can build up charm just as surely as you can build up a thin body.

The tricks and stunts that you can use to send your popularity stock skyrocketing are endless. Such simple things as a proper diet or a stimulating exercise will help tremendously. Then there are many , tricks in make-up that you should know. New stunts for hair grooming. Ways of getting personality into your clothes without spending a fortune. Simple ways to acquire self-assurance and poise. Tips on how to act in company of strangers. New ways to develop a graceful, supple figure. These and hundreds of other personality hints are completely discussed in Sylvia of Hollywood’s new book.

Make a New Start If you’re dissatisfied with your looks, your sex appeal, your popularity, don’t sit back and accept yourself the way you are.

Read Sylvia’s new book . . . apply her secrets of charm and you’ll be a changed person within a short time.

Book reviewers are enthusiastic in their praise about Pull Yourself Together, Baby! And you’ll prize this book for years and years to come. It’s inspiring . . . brimful of amusing incidents . . . and illustrated with many pointed cartoons. The price is only $1.00. Get your copy today. If unobtainable at your department or book store, sign and mail the coupon below now.

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Dept. 2. 205 East 42nd St., New York. N. Y.

  1. Don says: January 7, 20104:34 pm

    The term “round heels” just came to mind . . . .

  2. Repack Rider says: January 8, 20101:37 am

    You can quickly learn the secrets of a captivating personality in the privacy of your own room.

    Is that what they called it then?

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