Ships Self in COFFIN to Get Into Movies (Sep, 1929)

Ships Self in COFFIN to Get Into Movies
CHARLES LOEB’S unique way of trying to get past the guards of a moving picture studio for a chance to break into the movies nearly cost him his life recently. The comedian had himself expressed in an especially prepared coffin from Chicago to Hollywood. The outside of the box was labeled, “Statue—handle with care—value $500.” Loeb went three days without water or food and was in a critical condition when found. Carefully concealed air holes permitted him to breathe freely, but his water supply and food were soon exhausted. The wedge-shaped ends of the box did not permit anyone to stand it on end.

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  1. jayessell says: December 12, 20074:08 pm

    For Pete’s sake, pay the 15 cents!

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