Shocked Worms Make Fishing Easier (Dec, 1935)

Shocked Worms Make Fishing Easier
FIRM in his conviction that fishing should afford nothing more nor less than a complete rest, B. L. Nutshing, of San Francisco, has devised an electric angle worm accelerator to avoid digging worms. A metal rod is attached to electric wires and thrust into the ground. Immediately the worms come to the surface. He only has to pick them up.

  1. Chuck says: April 19, 20117:45 pm

    Sounds like a great idea if I can just get it to work…though I don’t mind digging or using the flash light idea…but anyone with common sense would search for faster more efficient ways to do things. I will give it a shot

  2. JMyint says: April 20, 20118:08 am

    When I was a kid we had this thing we made from a broom handle, a coat hanger, and an extension cord. Was it safe? Not likely. Did it work to get the worms up? Yes, definitely.

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