“Should auld acquaintance be forgot” (Jun, 1954)

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot”

Somewhere today there is someone who would like to hear the sound of your voice.

A friendly visit by telephone is the next best thing to being there in person.

For just a small sum you can send your greetings and your friendship and your love across the miles.


Here are some examples:

Baltimore to Philadelphia…. 40c.
Indianapolis to Nashville….. 70c.
New York to Detroit……… 95c.
Miami to Cleveland……… $1.45.
Washington to San Francisco. $2.00.

These are the station-to-station rates for the first three minutes, after 6 every evening and all day Sunday. They do not include the new, lower federal excise tax.

It’s Faster to Call by Number. It will speed your out-of-town calls if you give the operator the number you want. For a handy booklet for listing your telephone numbers, just ask the nearest Bell Telephone office.


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  1. wyogold says: December 26, 201211:37 am

    Boy, calling sure got a lot cheaper, even in non-adjusted dollars. Glad I live now, not way back when.

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