Shrubbery Camouflages Helmet (Oct, 1939)

What helmet? All I see is shrubs. With binoculars.

Shrubbery Camouflages Helmet

Shrub branches sprouting from soldiers’ helmets are a form of camouflage now being generally used in wartime to help hide officers and troops from enemy snipers. To facilitate the attachment of this camouflage shrubbery, the steel helmets of British troops are being covered with burlap, or other rough cloth, that is applied in folds to hold shrub stems in place, as shown in the illustration above.

  1. Cleanser says: May 19, 20086:31 am

    Well, THAT explains why the Knights of Ni wanted a shrubbery… camo! 🙂

  2. Blurgle says: May 19, 20085:00 pm

    “Yes, sir, I think MacBeth is still in his castle. Dunsinane, you say?”

  3. Harry says: May 20, 20082:37 pm

    See H.M. Government Public Service Films No.42, “How Not To Be Seen” Monty Python Episode 24…

  4. beagledad says: May 21, 20081:30 pm

    In a crowd of dorks, the man would be virtually invisible. On a battlefield, . . . not so much.

  5. Michelle says: June 21, 20093:40 pm

    Is there a copyright with this picture?
    I think it’s hysterical and would like to use it as my design company’s logo.

  6. Firebrand38 says: June 21, 20093:55 pm

    Michelle, you should contact Popular Science about that although I’m fairly certain this picture would be in the public domain by now.

    2 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10016


    You can also ask your legal counsel.

  7. Firebrand38 says: June 21, 20097:15 pm

    After all of that I have to wonder about a design company that can’t come up with it’s own logo and needs to copy a photo from 1939. (just kidding!)

  8. Michelle says: August 31, 20099:50 pm

    (Sorry about the delayed response Firebrand!)
    It’s sad, isn’t it about the logo thing…..but it’s so funny, I couldn’t resist.
    My company’s name is “Here in the Shrubbery”.

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 31, 200910:54 pm

    OLD CRONE: Who sent you?

    ARTHUR: The Knights Who Say ‘Ni’.

    CRONE: Aggh! No! Never! We have no shrubberies here.

    ARTHUR: If you do not tell us where we can buy a shrubbery, my friend and I will say… we will say… ‘ni’.

    CRONE: Agh! Do your worst!

    ARTHUR: Very well! If you will not assist us voluntarily,… ni!

    CRONE: No! Never! No shrubberies!

  10. Michelle says: September 1, 20098:21 pm

    Thanks for that, FB-
    I love that. It’s so timeless, so witty, so…..Monty Python-esque!!
    Seriously, that’s one of my all time favorites. I never get tired of it.

  11. Michelle says: September 1, 20098:23 pm

    P.S. I have to tell you that I am not a CRONE, although I do go around searching desperately for Shrubberies.

  12. Firebrand38 says: September 1, 20099:09 pm

    Michelle: That’s OK, I’m not a Knight.

  13. Don says: September 1, 20099:27 pm

    I HAVE to know, Michelle, what your company does . . . ! (If you don’t tell me, I shall be forced to say . . . something you won’t like!)

  14. Michelle says: September 2, 20092:47 pm

    “NI”! HA HA!!! There! I said it!
    Now that we got that out of the way, “Here in the Shrubbery” is as follows….
    Architectural Photography – and – Unique Treasures from Forgotten Items.
    I love clocks and clock parts so I make clocks out of all kinds of weird stuff, vintage projectors, old headlight cages, antique plates, etc., and I am an architectural history buff so I take black and white photographs of buildings.
    So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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