Sick Python Fed With Special Rubber Hose (Sep, 1938)

Sick Python Fed With Special Rubber Hose
WHEN the throat muscles of a 22-1/2 -foot python in the St. Louis, Mo., zoo became paralyzed recently, it became necessary for the zoo officials to use force-feeding methods to keep the reptile alive. The feeding equipment developed for the job consists of a five-foot length of special rubber hose fitted with a removable plunger. Ground rabbit meat is fed into the hose and is forced into the snake’s stomach by means of the plunger.

  1. Blurgle says: July 3, 20074:45 am

    I love how it takes 30 people to shove a hose down a python’s throat.

  2. Stannous says: July 3, 200710:58 am

    No mention of whether this was successful in the long run. I’m skeptical.

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