Signal Light for Babies’ Cribs (Sep, 1936)

Signal Light for Babies’ Cribs

IN the maternity ward in European hospitals a unique signal light system has been installed. Under each baby are two sheets of tinfoil separated by thin absorbent cloth. The tinfoil sheets are punched with a number of holes. A wire from a small flashlight battery, located under the crib, runs to one tinfoil sheet, and a lead from the other tinfoil is then connected to one side of a flashlight bulb socket. The other side of the flashlight bulb socket completes the circuit to the battery. When the tissue gets wet, the circuit between the two tinfoil sheets is completed, and the signal light attracts the attention of the nurse, who will then change garments and sheets, and insert a new cloth between the tinfoil plates.

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  1. fluffy says: March 25, 20131:19 pm

    Ahh, automation!

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