Simple Vacuum Helmet Creating a Sensation (May, 1938)

Science Says Many are Unnecessarily Bald

Simple Vacuum Helmet Creating a Sensation

Your falling hair or baldness may be unnecessary. Many cases of baldness are said to be caused by deficient blood supply to the hair roots. If your case is like that, there is hope for a full head of hair. Science’s newest invention—the vacuum helmet—draws rich, nourishing blood to dormant hair roots with very first treatment. New development—the Hydro-Vac Machine, runs on your water faucet. Embodies same principle as machines costing $150.00. Yet so inexpensive anyone can now afford to use it at home. Money back, cheerfully if it doesn’t grow hair on your head. Send name, quick, for complete confidential information, prices, terms, guarantee and FREE Trial Offer. Address Hydro-Vac. Dept. 135, Walnut Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa.

  1. buddy says: October 18, 20076:18 am

    Two words: head hickey.

  2. MC says: October 18, 20078:02 am

    Baldness *is* successfully treated by increasing the blood supply to the roots. That’s what Rogaine does.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: October 18, 20077:54 pm

    I’m not losing hair, I’m gaining face.

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