Single Button Adjusts Camera for Making Any Snapshot (Apr, 1940)

If you move something to various positions I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be called a “button”.

Single Button Adjusts Camera for Making Any Snapshot

As A convenient time-saver for snapshooters, a new camera is equipped with a lens diaphragm that is coupled to the setting mechanism of the shutter so that only one adjustment is necessary before taking a picture. For example, when taking a picture on a cloudy day, a button on the front of the camera is moved to a point marked “cloudy.” The operation determines both the shutter speed and the size of the diaphragm opening so that when the scene is snapped the film will be given just the right amount of light for a good picture.

  1. Toronto says: December 28, 20121:01 pm

    Aw, lever alone, Charlie.

  2. DrewE says: December 28, 20122:29 pm

    I’m pretty sure that “button” (at least in this case) refers to the shape of the control: a round projection, like the fastening on clothes that it was named after. Incidentally, those clothing buttons do need to be moved to various angles and positions to operate them.

  3. slim says: December 29, 20121:39 pm

    Here is a better picture of the camera.…
    I suspect the article is baloney. It looks like a simple camera with 3 lens stops. Notice there is no “cloudy” setting.

  4. DrewE says: December 31, 201211:38 am

    @slim – thanks for the link.

    A little online searching and such seems to suggest that the”Variocoupled” control (a sort of three-position shift lever thingy, with “Bright”, “Average”, and “Dull” settings) did indeed affect both the aperture and the shutter speed. It hardly seems worthwhile to bother with it for three measly settings, but there you have it.

    Here’s a closeup of the business end of the lens:…

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