Skeleton Gets A Shave (Jun, 1941)

Skeleton Gets A Shave

AT LEAST this is how a skeleton would look if it did shave with an electric razor. Actually, it’s an X-ray photograph of a man shaving himself, taken at 1/1,000,000 of a second. The picture was taken by L. F. Ehrke, of the Westinghouse Research Lamp Laboratories, Bloomfield, N. J.

  1. fluffy says: August 9, 201112:50 pm

    Ah, back in the good old days when X-Rays were a wonderful, mysterious thing that could photograph the insides of everything, and not a cancer risk.

  2. Hirudinea says: August 9, 20112:10 pm

    Hey skinny, how are ya fixed for blades?

  3. Mike says: August 9, 20113:56 pm

    Fluffy, the US government and TSA says there is NOTHING wrong with those airport machines. I think we can trust them this time.

  4. fluffy says: August 9, 20114:11 pm

    To be fair, even the worst fluoroscopes never really posed a risk to the users of them – however, they WERE major problems for the people who were operating them all day long. Privacy, efficacy, and necessity (i.e. lack of all three) aside, that would be what to worry about with the TSA pornoscanners; the actual exposure to the person within the chamber is way lower than what you get while taking the flight it’s supposedly protecting you from.

  5. Charlene says: August 10, 20119:45 am

    I would be more worried about the subject of this X-ray than by the subjects of TSA screening. Our understanding of radiation safety limits has improved since 1941.

    I’m also trying to figure out where this guy’s nasal bones are.

  6. fluffy says: August 10, 20119:50 am

    You mean the cartilage, that doesn’t normally show up on x-rays?

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