Skinny Scrawny Eddie Makes the Team! (Dec, 1936)

I have a sneaking suspicion that Eddie is actually Batman. I mean he doesn’t look all that skinny before he takes the Kelpamalt and after, well, he looks pretty good in a tux doesn’t he. Normal basket ball players do not come out of the locker room wearing a formal tuxedo. But who does? That’s right, Bruce Wayne.

Skinny Scrawny Eddie Makes the Team!

How a frail, sickly, underweight, lad found the way to husky pounds, flashing speed, endless endurance and became a basketball star.


Get Kelpamalt’s Natural Iodine Into Your Blood and Glands— Then . . . These Results Quick or Your Money Back!

Improved Appetite
5 Extra New Lbs.
Stronger Nerves
Clear Skin
Better Digestion
Sound Sleep
New Strength, Energy, Endurance

If you are weak, skinny and rundown—if you go around always tired, nervous, irritable, easily upset, the chances are your blood is thin, pale and watery and lacks the nourishment needed to build up your strength, endurance and the solid pounds of new flesh you need to feel right. Science has at last got right down to one of the real causes of these conditions and explains a new, quick way to correct them.

Food and medicines often can’t help you much. The average person usually eats enough of the right kind of food to sustain the body. The real trouble is assimilation, the body’s process of converting digested food into firm flesh, pep and energy. Tiny hidden glands control this body building process—glands which require a regular ration of NATURAL PLANT IODINE. The simplest and quickest way to get this precious needed substance is Seedol Kelpamalt, the astonishing new mineral concentrate from the sea, which is 1300 times richer in iodine than oysters-Try Seedol Kelpamalt for a single week. Notice how much stronger you feel, how well you sleep, how your appetite improves, nerves strengthen and how color comes back into your cheeks. And if it doesn’t add 5 lbs. of good solid flesh the first week, the trial is free. Ask for Seedol Kelpamalt. It costs but little at all good drug stores.

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  1. Blurgle says: June 13, 20073:43 am

    He’s wearing extreme blusher in panel two and cavorting around half-naked in panel four. I think those ladies are going to find themselves out of luck.

    And who wears formal evening wear to a basketball game anyway?

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