Skinny! Want New Curves Quick? listen to this (Nov, 1934)

Skinny! Want New Curves Quick? listen to this


New easy way adds solid flesh in a few weeks. Thousands gain with amazing new double tonic NOW there’s no need to be “skinny”, scrawny and unattractive, and so lose all your chances of making friends. Here’s a new easy treatment that is giving thousands solid flesh and alluring curves—often when they could never gain before—in just a few weeks!

You know that doctors for years have prescribed yeast to build up health for rundown people. But now with this new discovery you can get far greater tonic results than with ordinary yeast—regain health, and also put on pounds of firm, good-looking flesh—and in a far shorter time.

Thousands have been amazed at how quickly they gained beauty-bringing pounds; also clear skin, freedom from indigestion and constipation, new pep.

Concentrated 7 times This amazing new product, Ironized Yeast, is made from specially cultured brewers’ ale yeast imported from Europe—the richest yeast known—which by a new process is concentrated 7 times—made 7 times more powerful.

But that is not all! This marvelous, health-building yeast is then ironized with 3 special kinds of iron which strengthen the blood, add abounding pep.

Day after day, as you take Ironized Yeast, watch flat chest develop, skinny limbs round out attractively, skin clear to beauty— you’re an entirely new person.

Results guaranteed No matter how skinny and weak you may be, this marvelous new Ironized Yeast should build you up in a few short weeks as it has thousands. If you are not delighted with the results of the very first package, your money refunded instantly.

Only be sure you get genuine Ironized Yeast, not some imitation that cannot give the same results. Insist on the genuine with “IY” stamped on each tablet.

Special FREE offer!

To start you building up your health right away, we make this absolutely FREE offer. Purchase a package of Ironized Yeast at once, cut out the seal on the box and mail it to us with a clipping of this paragraph. We will send you a fascinating new book on health, “New Facts About Your Body”, by an authority. Remember, results are guaranteed with the very first package — or money refunded. At all druggists. Ironized Yeast Co., Inc., Dept. 611, Atlanta, Ga.

  1. docca says: January 27, 20109:03 pm

    The (real) airbrushing on those photos is so bad that whoever did that could get a job at Playboy magazine today.

    Curious fact: brazilian Playboy magazine once managed to wipe out a model’s navel completely… and it went to print unnoticed.

  2. Left Coast Motors says: January 30, 20105:29 pm

    And then there came fast food – the day the Ironized Yeast folks went out of business. Or changed their business plan to make super energizing bread.

  3. Firebrand38 says: January 30, 20106:11 pm

    Left Coast Motors: “Then came fast food”?
    I don’t know what fast food you’re talking about but A&W restaurants were firmly established when this article came out http://www.awrestaurant… as well as White Castle http://www.whitecastle….

  4. JoeyJoe says: February 4, 20108:53 am

    Can you imagine an advert with similar sentiments being published today? Someone should republish it to make today’s crazy crash dieters think twice about why they’re so desperate to be skinny.

    On another note… Firebrand, wow, that has to be the most fantasically pedantic and picky comment ever posted on this website. I can’t believe you actually took the bother of researching the history of fast food establishments just to make someone feel a bit foolish, when the tone of LCM’s comment was clearly light hearted rather than factual.

  5. Firebrand38 says: February 4, 20109:15 am

    JoeyJoe: No trouble at all, glad to do it.

    Think about what you’re defending. Humor based off of ignorance and a lack of understanding. If Sarah Palin ever needs a speechwriter in England maybe you should step up.

  6. mimi says: September 6, 20153:26 pm

    Hello!hw can I get this?and also the price.i nid it.i live in nigeria

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