SKOOT-MOBILE (Feb, 1938)

America’s Smart New Fad
Everyone gets a big thrill out of Skoot-Mobile . . . youngsters and oldsters use it for pleasure and profit. Small merchants now have motorized delivery service at 1/10 of a cent per mile with the Economy Car. . . side car with 500 lb. pay load. Skoot-Mobile, designed and built like an automobile, averages 120 M.P.G. with speeds up to 30 M.P.H. . . . provides comfort with knee action shock absorbers on front wheel . . . has 2 speed transmission—low gear for power and hill climbing—high gear for speed and economy . . . Simple . . . fool-proof. . . economical . . . durable. FREE literature, write today.

Quality Hardware and Machine Corporation 5841 Ravenswood Avenue Chicago, Illinois

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  1. […] Of course, not all of the website’s dedicated to car stuff – most of it’s vintage nerderrific ads and other sundry articles, but every now and then, they reproduce something like the Heavily Armored Police Car from 1935, the auto-engined 300 mph motorcycle, the You Drive a MILLION DOLLAR Automobile article, the SKOOT-MOBILE ad or the prediction of a bubbletop windshield from 1939. […]

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