Sky Projector Uses Clouds as Night Advertising Medium (Aug, 1931)

Sky Projector Uses Clouds as Night Advertising Medium

“IT’S a dark and stormy night,” said John Doe to his wife after supper. “Let’s stay home and read the ads in the latest magazines.”

“I haven’t had a breath of air all day,” countered Mrs. Doe. “Why not put some gas in the costly motor and take a nice long drive? If we put the top down we can read the ads on the clouds, for clouds, my dear, have a silver lining at night as well as day.”

This conversation is purely imaginary, but is not so far-fetched as it seems, for advertisers may now display their persuasive arguments on the clouds by means of the new sky projector recently invented by Harry Orendell-Mathews and Helmar George.

This projector is recognized as the most powerful source of light, having a beam candlepower of four hundred million. At night it can project advertising on the clouds in color and motion at a distance of several miles.

  1. Scott says: November 4, 200811:29 am

    And thus was born … the Bat-Signal!

  2. Rick Auricchio says: November 4, 20081:02 pm

    As soon as the “dark and stormy night” dumps its rain on John Doe’s cloth car seats, he’s gonna take it out on the missus.

  3. Torgo says: November 4, 200810:30 pm

    The Bat-signal looked so simple on the TV show.

  4. David Moisan says: November 5, 200810:39 pm

    That’s been done with lasers.

  5. Eliyahu says: November 6, 20088:08 pm

    “Why not put some gas in the costly motor and take a nice long drive? ”

    These days, it would be phrased as ““Why not put some costly gas in the car and take a nice long drive?” Of course, the response from one’s spouse, upon hearing that the fuel was to be used to look at advertising, would be to have the person committed.

  6. B. Larsen says: November 24, 200812:22 pm

    “Let’s stay home and read the ads in the latest magazines.” Never let it be said of Mr. Doe he didn’t know how to have a good time!

  7. Ross Ashton says: July 5, 20096:44 pm

    Harry Orendell-Mathews is a typo. His real name is Harry Grindell Matthews, the ‘Death Ray Man’.
    And its not done with lasers this being 1931 – Its a carbon arc light.

    I think you are bang on the money over the Bat Signal though. Batman appeared in 1939 and the Bat Signal was first used in 1941.

  8. Louis Bissiw says: August 31, 20093:24 pm

    Can someone send me the diagram for this sky projection?

    Thank you

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 31, 20094:13 pm

    @Louis: How about if I send you a calendar? The article is from 1931!

  10. d bell says: June 14, 201010:22 pm

    i am interested in projecting ads onto clouds can any one help m,e here please why is there not someone doing it now please help [email protected]

  11. TomB says: June 15, 20106:14 am

    @d bell

    Because we would probably hate whoever came up with yet another advertising intrusion in our lives.

  12. Firebrand38 says: June 15, 20106:36 am

    TomB: And yet companies have to sell things and can’t rely on word of mouth.

  13. bmsalat says: March 20, 20133:28 am

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  14. bmsalat says: March 20, 20133:31 am

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