Slot Machine Vends 25c Sunburns (Mar, 1935)

Slot Machine Vends 25c Sunburns

SELLING sunburns at twenty-five cents an installment, new slot machines being installed in Broadway barber and beauty shops are attracting New Yorkers seeking that Palm Beach and California complexion.

Upon depositing a coin in the slot, a violet ray lamp gives off radiations for seven minutes. Patrons are warned to wait three days before the next treatment, said too frequent usage gives painful burns.

  1. Aler says: November 28, 20071:15 pm

    I read this as “Slot Machine Vends 25c Sideburns”, which is a much better invention.

  2. David Moisan says: November 28, 20072:11 pm

    Includes corneal scarring at no extra charge!

  3. Neil Russell says: November 28, 20072:32 pm

    Because simply going outside and looking up doesn’t help “whip old man Depression”. At least not for the inventor of this thing!! 🙂

    “Let’s see, lunch or a blast of UV, which is the best use of my quarter?”

  4. Chris L says: November 28, 20075:51 pm

    It was probably cheaper to go see a two movies with a newsreel and a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  5. AJ says: November 29, 20076:48 pm

    Makes you wonder what year they started describing it as a suntan vs sunburn?

  6. Anne says: April 7, 20086:40 pm

    My mother said she could go to the movies as a little girl, get a soda a popcorn and a candy bar (if I remember correctly) all for a quarter. And that was back in the 60’s. So I imagine a quarter in the late 30’s would be… quite a bit more.

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