Small Utility Tools Are Attached To Finger Tips (Jul, 1937)

Small Utility Tools Are Attached To Finger Tips

SMALL utility tools fitted on the finger tips are the invention of Miss Lillian Greneker, New York artist.

This invention, she claims, may well revolutionize the use of the hands and fingers in the arts, crafts and industry. Tentatively named “Fingertips,” the thimblelike devices extend vertically from the finger tips. The tools, in fact, become extensions of the fingers which are thus released as independent agents capable of performing the work normally required of the hand or a combination of several fingers.

Among the objects attached to the fingers in this manner are various sizes and types of brushes, a crochet needle and pencils.

  1. Jari says: May 10, 20119:55 am

    Let’s hope that her nose doesn’t itch when she uses those.

  2. Hirudinea says: May 10, 20116:41 pm

    Its Edwina WFThands!

  3. Eamon says: May 11, 201112:49 am

    The lovechild of Wolverine and a Swiss army knife.

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