Smaller and more convenient.. but just as safe (Mar, 1930)

Smaller and more convenient.. but just as safe

American Express Travelers Cheques have been made smaller, more compact, and less bulky. No larger than the palm of your hand, enough of this safe and worry-proof “money” for a long journey will fit daintily into a woman’s handbag, taking up no more than a compact’s worth of space. Or slide snugly into a man’s inside pocket like a card-case.

The new Travelers Cheques, approximately the size of the new U. S. dollar bill, have the same familiar blue color which is recognized all over the world and the same signature method of identification. The size only has been changed. Should these Cheques be lost or stolen before the second signature is made, their value is refunded to you.

Carrying American Express Travelers Cheques automatically entitles you to the Helpful Hand of American Express Service in this country and in foreign lands. ..making your journeys more comfortable and smoothing your pathway at principal ports, stations, and frontier points…Spendable everywhere, they are issued in denominations of $10, $20, $50, and $100. Cost 75c for each $100. Now on sale at 22,000 Banks, American Express and Railway Express offices. Merely ask for the blue color American Express Travelers Cheques.

the new, dollar size American express Travelers cheques

Steamship tickets, hotel reservations, itineraries, cruises and tours planned and booked to any part of the world by the American Express Travel Department.

  1. Don F says: October 19, 20114:03 pm

    Smaller, more compact, and less bulky . . . all at the same time! How’d they DO that??

  2. christoph says: October 19, 20115:48 pm

    Don’t forget their size is reduced, too !!!!1!!11!ELEVEN!!1!

  3. Don F says: October 19, 20116:15 pm

    Only their size has been changed.

  4. Hirudinea says: October 19, 20117:32 pm

    The size of a U.S. dollar bill? What did they do before, print the damn thing on blankets?

  5. Toronto says: October 19, 20117:48 pm

    Hiru – Hollerith cards.

  6. Charlene says: October 20, 201111:00 pm

    @Hirudinea – they were about twice the size. They fit into the breast-pocket billfolds popular with more prosperous businessmen, but Amex was betting that the new upsurging middle classes would begin to travel more often, and (as middle-class men were more likely to carry wallets than pocketbooks) they wanted their cheques to be convenient for these potential travelers.

    As it was, they misjudged the times and, more importantly, the economy: I’m guessing this ad was approved before the stock market crash, given the lead times for magazines in the 30s.

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