Smoke Gets in His Eye — and the Pipe, Too (Mar, 1938)

Smoke Gets in His Eye — and the Pipe, Too

Smoking a pipe with his eye is the odd accomplishment of Alfred Langevin, of Canada. Shown below with a pipe stem held close to his right eye by a nose clamp, Langevin sucks smoke through an opening at the corner of his eye, which, doctors believe, is caused by an enlarged opening in the duct that normally carries away tears. By closing his mouth and holding his nose, Langevin can inhale and exhale smoke through his eye with no ill effects.

  1. Stannous says: April 23, 200710:10 am

    I remember a guy in college who would inhale pot smoke and exhale it through his eyes. It would TOTALLY freak people out.
    This guy puts him to shame.

  2. fluffy says: April 23, 20074:28 pm

    “no ill effects”

    except eye cancer.

  3. Jim Dunn says: April 24, 20078:54 am

    The poor guy was born too early to be on Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks.

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