Smoke In Bed? (Aug, 1946)

Smoke in bed? Could it really be possible? Have all my dreams come true? If I could find some of these I might just have to start smoking again.

Smoke In Bed?

DON’T—Unless you use the sensationally new 6 in 1 CIG-SMOKER. Designed scientifically for SAFE-CLEAN-FILTERED cigarette smoking. SEE the cig BURN inside this miracle. Durable silverglas creation. It combines a Holder-Filter-Fire Shield-Ash Guard-Smoke Cooler and Automatic Snuffer. PREVENTS- fires, burns, ash mess, accidents and irritating harmful smoking. It’s wind proof. Vew thrills in smoking-nothing else like it.

Sample Cig-Smoker, 100 Filters-Prepaid $1.00
A Guaranteed Product
Agents, Dealers, Exporters, Write
Pat. & Mfr.—SAFE-GARD MFG. CO. 22 Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland 13, Ohio

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