Snap out of it! The depression’s over (Jul, 1936)

Whoops! Not quite. In the year following the publication of this ad the unemployment rate in the U.S. went from 14.3% to 19%.

Snap out of it! The depression’s over

The question is, are you over the depression? Tough? You bet it was — it was the toughest depression this country ever had. But listen: The future is the brightest that ever beckoned a man. Opportunity calls from every side — calls to ambitious and trained men! If you have the ambition, the International Correspondence Schools can supply the training. Get going! Snap out of it! Hurry this coupon along to Scranton.


Without cost or obligation, please send me a copy of your booklet, “Who Wins and Why,” and full particulars about the subject before which I have marked X:

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  1. Stannous says: January 15, 200710:14 pm

    Right up there with Jerry Ford’s asking everyone to wear WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons in term of effectiveness.

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