Snowplane Finds Favor In North (Dec, 1935)

Snowplane Finds Favor In North

BECAUSE a snowplane which he designed and built for himself proved so successful, Karl Lorch, Spy Hill, Sask., Canada, soon found himself in the manufacturing business, supplying snowplanes to mounted police, prospectors, and doctors.

The streamlined bodies are made of airplane tubing and linen, and seat four persons. An airplane or automobile motor may be used to power the pusher type propeller. Speeds up to 70 miles per hour are possible.

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  2. jayessell says: August 13, 20074:58 am

    Didn’t Johnny Quest have a snowplane?

  3. Pierre Baron says: December 28, 20075:36 am

    I am the owner of Baron @baron enterprise INC. and we are in process of restoring a very fine example of these snow planes (Fudge planes) if you would like to see some of the restoration pictures and the final restored picture of snow plane please let me know.

    Pierre Baron

  4. Duaine E. Flanders says: May 24, 20088:37 am

    I would like to view the pictures of the snow machine as we used to have one when I was a kid in ND…..

  5. alan kallio says: December 8, 20086:07 pm

    Hello; I just thought I would let you know that I have three snowplanes,all built by two families in the Big Hole Valley byWisdom Mt. One is in fine running condition. The other two need help. If you would like some pictures you can call me at 406 442 8009. Fun stuff……..Alan Kallio

  6. Ed Jensen says: February 23, 20094:21 pm

    I remember the snow planes in Pinedale Wyoming as a small child long before snowmobiles came along. They were a real part of winter , my dad had a repair shop and worked on some of these from time to time. Many of the ranchers relied on them to get to town for supplys and the mail was delivered with them. I have been looking for one to restore myself more as preserving part of the past as well as going out for a spin once in a whild. If anyone has one or parts that they will part with without costing to much please let me know. A motor and prop would be a great help its self. Thanks and It’s really neat to see other interested in the snow plane. Ed

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