“So Easy to Turn – Saves Mother’s Back (Oct, 1930)

The headline mentions “Mother’s back” but all the text talks about how easy it is for kids to do it.

I had to look up what F.O.B meant. It’s a bit ambiguous but it seems like it means that you have to pay to transport it from the warehouse. Which makes me wonder where that is, because a 200 lb machine is probably pretty expensive to have delivered. Maybe your only choices are the two addresses on the bottom.

“So Easy to Turn – Saves Mother’s Back”


WOMEN like the close-skimming New American Separator. Watch-type pivot ball-bearing and scientifically balanced bowl make turning so easy I “It certainly is the separator for worn en, “says John Rivinius, of Alberta, “our 12-year old girl turns through milk from 10 cows and likes it fine!” “Turning the American is more like play than work, ” writes J. A. Shackleton, Misouri. Others say: “Easiest running separator I ever owned “. Our 10-year old child maintains speed with ease.”

$17.95 cash – F.O.B. WAREHOUSE BUYS 200 LB. MACHINE

Exclusive New Patented Invention makes it the close-skimming wonder. Gets all the cream. Stainless steel discs, few parts, easy to get at.. makes the American EASIEST TO CLEAN! Send your name and address today for Catalog giving new prices that save you $30 to $50. Also Lifetime Guarantee, 30 day Trial Offer. Easy Terms. Send today.

Send FREE your Latest Illustrated Catalog on New American Separators with Letters from owners.

AMERICAN SEPARATOR CO. Bainbridge, N.Y. Dept. 1710 or 1929 W. 43rd St., Chicago, Ill. Dept. 1710

  1. christoph says: December 2, 201111:25 am

    So what the hell is this machine supposed to do?

  2. Charlene says: December 2, 201111:50 am

    It’s a cream separator. I can tell you this because I used to live in Alberta.

  3. JMyint says: December 2, 201111:56 am

    A separator separated milk into skim milk and cream. The skim milk can then be used or fed to calves and the cream can be use to make butter.

  4. David says: December 2, 20112:02 pm

    Maybe the kids using it is how Mum’s back is saved.

  5. Toronto says: December 2, 20114:01 pm

    No, she’s Mother. She’s 14, but then again, this is in Alberta. (ducking)

    My grandparents, who had Guernseys, had a separator on the porch. I recall turning it as a kid, and it was fairly doable.

    The good side was you got cream for your strawberries. The bad side was, you got blue milk for your cereal.

  6. Jari says: December 5, 20115:55 pm

    That’s a big separator, or the kid’s height is only a half a meter… (We only had table-top separators here) One thing that I remember, is that it had a bell in the handle, which pinged, if you cranked it too slowly.

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