Society Explorers Brave Jungle for Diamonds (Apr, 1934)

Society Explorers Brave Jungle for Diamonds

DIAMONDS, bringing riches to those who win and death to those who fail, lure men to strange places.

William La Varre, American explorer, geologist and geographer, is the latest to fight on for the glowing brilliance which man defines as wealth and which science recognizes only as pure carbon.

La Varre, with his beautiful and adventurous wife and her sister, members of a prominent society family, invaded the treacherous jungles of British Guiana, South America. For six months they defied death and torture to carry on their exploration work. For six months this man and his two beautiful young female companions, cultured in the drawing rooms of fashionable society, knew only the company of sweating, plowing black giants.

Finally the sister had to be eliminated because of scarcity of traveling accommodations and while she and others in the party remained in a base set up at the headwaters of the Rupanini river, Mr. and Mrs. La Varre and a company of native blacks and Carib Indians moved forward.

Disaster to a boat would have been fatal, for the waters are infested with schools of small but deadly perai. The perai devour all the flesh from the bones of a human in less than five minutes.

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  1. james says: March 31, 20081:45 pm

    The sister had to be eliminated?!? What did they do, throw her overboard and let the perai get rid of the evidence?

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