Somebody Loves Me… (Oct, 1954)

Somebody Loves Me…

When other girls of her age were out with their boy friends of a Saturday night, Marilyn sat home with Rover. Good, old faithful Rover … he didn’t mind the trouble* that put Marilyn in wrong wherever she went.

Even your best friend won’t tell you.

The insidious thing about *halitosis (unpleasant breath) is that you, yourself, seldom realize you’re guilty of it . . . and even your best friend won’t tell you.

You needn’t be a wallflower

Why risk offending needlessly? And why trust to lesser precautions that deodorize only momentarily? Why not let Listerine Antiseptic look after your breath with that wonderful germ-killing action? Listerine instantly stops bad breath and keeps it stopped usually for hours on end . . . four times better than any tooth paste.

No tooth paste kills odor germs like this… instantly

Listerine Antiseptic does for you what no tooth paste does. Listerine instantly kills bacteria … by millions—stops bad breath instantly, and usually for hours on end.

You see, far and away the most common cause of offensive breath is the bacterial fermentation of proteins which are always present in the mouth. And research shows that your breath stays sweeter longer, depending upon the degree to which you reduce germs in the mouth.

Listerine clinically proved 4 times better than tooth paste

Is it any wonder Listerine Antiseptic in recent clinical tests averaged at least four times more effective in stopping bad breath odors than the chlorophyll products or tooth pastes it was tested against? Mike it a habit to always gargle Listerine, the most widely used antiseptic in the world.

4 times better than tooth paste

  1. Charlene says: February 18, 20118:12 pm

    “Use our product or you’ll become a crazy dog lady!” Nice.

  2. Jari says: February 19, 201112:42 pm

    Charlene: But there’s a big eyed pretty girl and a puppy in the ad, how could you resist yourself from buying this product?

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 20, 20116:06 pm

    Perhaps it is the puppy that has bad breath, not the girl.

  4. Halabut says: February 21, 201110:25 am

    Oh no, it’s the start of the the Listerine effect!

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