Someone Actually Built MI’s Speedball Special

Some of you might remember this article I posted a few years ago that had plans to build a Mahogany sports car.

Well, someone actually built one and it’s for sale at the St. Louis Car Museum

via Hemmings Auto Blog

  1. Mike says: November 24, 20088:40 pm

    Is it street legal? Was it at the time?

  2. StanFlouride says: November 25, 200811:50 am

    Yes, it had a few adjustments (back-up lights, height of headlights, etc.) made for the California laws but it was and is a legal and operated vehicle.

    I sent the link to the original MM posting to the St Louis Car Museum and suggested they print it out for the lucky buyer.

  3. Steve says: November 25, 200812:41 pm

    Wow, beautiful. Does it really do 90 mph? (With that tiny windscreen its liable to blow your toupee off). 🙂

  4. fred says: November 29, 20086:18 am

    not interested no room for luggage

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