Sony Ad – Suggested for mature audiences. (Mar, 1970)

This is a pretty weird ad.

Suggested for mature audiences.

Sony/Superscope tape recorders

A tape recorder is a bridge that spans the generation gap. It can make oldsters feel young again. Or bring the wisdom of the ages to the young.

A tape recorder is hearing your newborn grandchild before you’ve ever seen him. Or letting you talk to his parents.

It is a physicist formulating an exciting new theory. A salesman making his report. The electrifying sound of today’s top rock music group. Or the brilliant harmonics of yesterday’s great symphonic orchestra.

A tape recorder is communication compounded by emotion. And a feeling that comes not from what you say but how you say it.

Because your life is so full of sound, our life is building the finest tape recorders in the world. And the most popular.

This year, Sony offers more than 30 totally different models to choose from. Functional. Stereophonic. Portable. Deck. System. Reel-to-reel. Cartridge. And cassette.

How many ways are there to use a tape recorder? Use your imagination…then use Sony.

Sony/Superscope You never heard it so good.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 12, 20113:16 pm

    “Stay inside Ethel, were playing dirty songs!”…

  2. Pcarney says: September 12, 20113:55 pm

    Sony is a pretty weird company

  3. Charlene says: September 12, 20114:23 pm

    “So simple even Grandpa can use it!”

  4. Stephen says: September 13, 20115:15 am

    “Hearing your newborn grandchild before you’ve even seen him”. Well, you can do that with a telephone just as easily, and you get to hear him in real time too.

  5. 2sk21 says: September 13, 20116:56 am

    Brings back happy memories. My father bought a Sony TC-530 reel-to-real tape recorder in 1970 – although her was only in his thirties at that time!

  6. Richard says: September 13, 20119:56 am

    Stephen: While a telephone may be easier to use than a tape recorder, in 1970, long distance rates made phone calls extremely expensive. You could have mailed a 60 minute tape across the country for a fraction of the cost of a three minute phone call. The fidelity would have been better, too. And you wouldn’t have to worry about the baby deciding to be quiet during the phone call, wasting all that money.

  7. AWH says: September 13, 201111:46 am

    Hey! Is that Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo on the right?


  8. LightningRose says: September 14, 20119:21 am

    In the early 60’s my mom, grandmother and aunt all exchanged taped “letters” by mail just for reason given by Richard.

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