Spaniard’s Mirror System Creates an “Invisible Army” (Jul, 1933)

Of course if your enemy happens not to be exactly perpendicular to your mirror then they might start to wonder why there is a big, bright sun hiding in the bushes.

Spaniard’s Mirror System Creates an “Invisible Army”
NOW comes the most astonishing of military ideas—that of rendering soldiers and artillery invisible by means of protecting mirrors which reflect the surrounding landscape back into the enemy’s eyes!

Whether or not this idea would be according to Hoyle, in conformity with the hoary traditions of warfare handed down through generations, does not appear; conceivably it would be embarrassing to an army to find a serene landscape of clouds and fields popping away at it with machine guns and rifles—a sort of black magic not provided for in the drill book regulations.

  1. Stannous says: July 20, 20069:45 am

    to be thick enough to repel bullets the thing would be too heavy to carry

  2. Rikard Nilsson says: December 14, 20072:05 pm

    not to mention that it would shatter when the fieldgun fired…

    also I certainly would find it strange to se myself standing a few hundred meters away on the field of battle… “hey sarge, your twin is leading a platoon straigth to our position”…dumbest idea yet.

  3. Roger Knights says: January 9, 20086:22 pm

    Well, such a gadget has proven its practicality when the opposition consists of turkeys. Here’s the blurb from the vendor:

    “Stalker Shield is a flexible, metalised polyester reflective sheet that is held erect by a simple fiberglass rod framework. It’s light, easy to setup and transport. Stalker Shield mirrors its surroundings making it a great blind or stalking shield that will change the way you hunt.

    “Superior to other blinds because it mirrors the cover around you
    If you hunt from a blind chances are that the blind is camouflaged with one of the popular tree/leaf camo patterns. They work just fine as long as you’re hunting in among large tree trunks, sticks and leaves. But if you want to hunt in a stand of small popple, a corn field, a cattail slough, swamp grass, a hayfield, a bush pile etc. your camo blind won’t blend in.”

    Here’s the link:

  4. huh says: July 14, 20085:34 am

    This is good for hunting, but I don’t think anyone with an IQ over 70 will fall for this trick.

  5. Nelson says: January 12, 20099:54 pm

    Actuall this can work very well. I tried it out by setting up some mirrors in several open locations (gravel, grass,..). The trick is to tilt the top of the mirror slightly forwards towards the ground so that the reflections are always of the ground, not the sky. And you need to make sure that the mirror itself does not cast a dark shadow (or bright reflection) directly on the ground directly in front of it. From only a few feet away it is almost impossible to recognize (looks like a sheet of plate glass).

  6. Nelson says: January 12, 20099:58 pm

    And for military purposes, the mirrors can be constructed of highly polished stainless steel, which will not shatter from shock, bullets, or shrapnel.

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