Spanish Peasants Live in Practical and Cool Subterranean Houses (Mar, 1930)

Kind of looks like a graveyard.

Spanish Peasants Live in Practical and Cool Subterranean Houses

PEASANTS at Mancha, Spain, and other parts of that country have met many of their residence problems by constructing subterranean homes which are particularly practical in escaping the heat of summer. The underground homes are extremely cool. The entrances are raised several inches above the ground level as shown in the accompanying photograph. Each under ground home is equipped with a chimney and ventilator. Stairs lead to the underground chamber or chambers.

  1. TomB says: December 27, 201012:45 pm


  2. MikeBurdoo says: December 27, 20105:37 pm

    Might be useful in the soon to come civil war

  3. katey says: December 27, 20105:59 pm

    Looks an awful lot like a cemetery.

  4. Neil Russell says: December 28, 20108:19 am

    It must be too early for me today, as soon as I glanced at the story I read “Spanish Peanuts…” and then saw the picture and wondered why anyone would grow spanish peanuts in a cemetery.

  5. Jari says: December 29, 20109:36 am

    I don’t see Don Quixote nor Sancho Panza anywhere….

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