Spearing Balloons Is New Boat-Race Hazard (Sep, 1934)

Spearing Balloons Is New Boat-Race Hazard

Balloon “busting” from careering speedboats is the spectacular sport recently devised by a racing association in California. Before the start of a race, a cable is stretched above the starting line of the course about ten feet above the water. Large toy balloons are suspended from the cable by means of weighted cords that are just long enough to enable the balloons to be touched by a mechanic standing in a speeding boat. As the pilots steer their craft under the balloons at the finish of each lap, the mechanic, armed with a spear and standing in the boat, attempts to puncture a balloon. If he fails, the pilot must circle about until the mechanic finally succeeds in spearing his balloon. Only then can the boat continue on with the next lap.

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