Speed Boat May Cross Atlantic in 30 Hours (Feb, 1930)

Speed Boat May Cross Atlantic in 30 Hours

MESSIEURS Moyne and Clement, French inventors, have devised a remarkable new type of speed boat with circular fins that they expect will propel their new submarine shaped craft across the Atlantic ocean in 30 hours. The model of the craft is being put through tests. There are stabilizing fins at the bow and stern. The principle of operation included two helices rotating in opposite directions to counteract torque. The surfaces of the craft that offer friction are designed to do useful work, the helices minimizing the skin friction present in the ordinary boat hull. The inventors of the new boat which they have dubbed “Venus” anticipate that the full sized craft will accommodate 125 passengers as well as the crew. There will be comfortable cabin space for the passengers in the low riding boat which the inventors expect to skim the surface of the ocean expediting passenger, mail and express transport of the seven seas. If perfected, this invention would be one of the greatest achievements in the realm of transportation. The inventors visualize many of these strange appearing craft speeding across the ocean cutting the tops of waves and flashing by the present-day fast liners on their missions of commerce.

  1. Jari says: October 3, 20119:40 am

    A liiitttle bit optimistic claim, as at a time SS Bremen got the eastbound Blue Riband when she crossed the Atlantic in 4 d 14 h and 30 min

  2. Toronto says: October 3, 201110:33 am

    How could they name this good ship ‘Venus’ if it doesn’t have a figurehead, mast, planking, or other rhyming parts?

  3. Hirudinea says: October 3, 201112:10 pm

    Well they could have named it Uranu… never mind the name what I want to know is how they’re going to get 125 people into that boat in the picture, sure ain’t first class!

  4. Michael C says: October 3, 20116:06 pm

    If I read between lines, in a matter of speaking, this would have been sort of a semi-submersible planning hull, with giant counter-rotating screw drive on the outside of the hull? It would have to fast, unless you wanted the passengers to go nuts all closed up for days.

  5. Sean says: October 4, 20115:39 am

    Unless it’s fully submerged, with only the two counter-rotating screws hitting at that sharp an angle, they’ll act like paddle wheels and that boat’ll just spin in counterclockwise circles faster than it’ll go forward.

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