Speed Indicator to Aid Typist (Jan, 1930)

Speed Indicator to Aid Typist

A WORD tabulator has been devised for attachment to typewriters to assist operators in watching the speed with which they are typing. Ella Freer, school novice typing champion of New York state, is shown below using a wood tabulator attached to her machine as she practiced for the international typewriting contest at Toronto.

  1. Toronto says: December 15, 20114:07 pm

    Nice miniaturization.

  2. Paul says: December 16, 20118:06 am

    Now there’s a good way to get secretarial efficiency. If she drops below 50wpm, the typewriter blows up.

  3. Jari says: December 16, 201110:52 am

    I can type over 50 words per minute, but the writnf wouod ber ilke this, inordew to beat 50 worss pweer miusteds. See?

  4. Hirudinea says: December 16, 201110:49 pm

    Fast hands mean less whiping.

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