Speeders Are Timed By Robot Cop (Oct, 1935)

Speeders Are Timed By Robot Cop

RUTHLESS speeders, driving with one eye on the rear vision mirror for signs of a trailing traffic officer, now have a new enemy to watch out for, a robot speed meter which instantly gauges the speed of a car on the highway.

The speed meter is small, and can easily be moved from one place to another. On one side of the road is an apparatus which directs two parallel beams of light, invisible to the driver, upon a mechanism on the opposite side of the road. The length of time taken by a car to intercept both beams of light is shown in terms of miles per hour on the meter.

The speed trap is the invention of Dr. Harry Silva, head of the psychology laboratory at the Massachusetts State College, and it is already attracting the attention of police and traffic officials all over the country. Tests prove it operates with negligible error.

  1. jayessell says: September 6, 200711:07 am

    Just missed saying RoboCop!

  2. Rick Auricchio says: September 7, 20072:44 pm

    Of course, that guy in the white lab coat is easy to spot as you approach…

  3. docca says: September 8, 200710:52 am

    “Ruthless speeder”, I like the sound of that. F3ar my driving skillz, robot cop!

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