Speeding Auto Tows Aquaplane (Jul, 1934)

Speeding Auto Tows Aquaplane
DOWN in Florida, where good roads often parallel the water for miles at a stretch, aquaplane enthusiasts have invented a new sports thrill. Selecting a stretch of water whose banks are not lined with trees, the thrill-seekers hitch an aquaplane to a speeding automobile with a long tow rope. In the absence of motor boat wash, great speed may be attained by the rider.

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  1. Joey O'Neill says: August 2, 20088:09 am

    It’s good to see scrupulous safety standards are being maintained by those involved. I mean, what could possibly go wrong here? 🙂

    It looks like the beginning of one of those teen films just before something really, really nasty happens…except it’s in the 1930s…and there isn’t an axe-murderer.

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