Speedy Motor-Cycle Car Runs on Two Wheels (Jun, 1939)

Speedy Motor-Cycle Car Runs on Two Wheels
WHETHER it’s a car or a motor cycle would be hard to say, but the inventor of the novel vehicle above declares it has the advantages of both. In motion, it rides upon two wheels, guided by a steering wheel. The driver experiences a pleasant swaying sensation as the machine tips like a plane or motor cycle for the turns. When the driver stops, a pedal lowers a pair of small auxiliary wheels at the sides for support. The photograph shows the odd gas buggy being driven by a mechanic in a tryout run at Miami, Fla. Another model has a seat for a passenger mounted behind that of the driver.

  1. Stannous says: March 8, 200710:07 am

    Wouldn’t this just tip over at low speeds?
    There’s no way for the driver to shift his weight like on a bike.

  2. DonL says: March 16, 20076:04 pm

    Actually, motorcycle balance has more to do with steering or countersteering than shifting weight. When I learned to ride, we were taught “Push left to go left, push right to go right.”

  3. Going for a Run - NYTimes.com says: August 28, 20103:02 pm

    […] lightweight autos of the 1910-’20s” are CYCLE CARS (here’s another from 1939), “Elementary figure: Abbr.” is one of the columns on this chart, […]

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