SPLIT THE AIR Like a Rocket! (Dec, 1931)

SPLIT THE AIR Like a Rocket!

FLASHING acceleration — from start to full speed in a few seconds — is a motorcycle thrill that only a “rocket motor” could equal.

Just ride a 1932 Harley-Davidson and feel what real pick-up is. See how it shoots you away from tangled traffic. You are down the road, safe and clear, before cars are really rolling. Then the whole countryside is yours — for swift jaunt or long tour. And motorcycling costs so little!

Look over the 1932 Harley-Davidsons at your nearest dealer’s. See for yourself how little they cost — at the new reduced prices — and what a convenient Pay-As-You-Ride Plan he has.

Ride a Harley-Davidson

  1. TomB says: October 27, 201010:11 am

    Break the wind?

  2. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 27, 201010:25 am

    Trying to imagine a Harley as being like a “rocket”… I think/guess cars back then were heavier, and had less power, so a Harley could easily “take off”. If only you could transport one of today’s “crotch-rocket” bikes back to 1932…

  3. Kosher Ham says: October 27, 201010:55 am

    More like break the eardrums as so many harleys run with straight pipes.

  4. Christoph says: October 27, 201011:28 am

    to full speed in a few seconds – how is that necessarily good? Same for my single-geared bicycle …

  5. TomB says: October 27, 201012:45 pm

    @KH – Harleys generally come stock with mufflers; it isn’t the bike’s fault.

  6. Tim says: October 27, 20103:40 pm

    Ya gotta love the price though.
    ($195 in 1932 is roughly equivalent to $2900 today)

  7. hwertz says: October 27, 201010:41 pm

    @Andrew L Ayers… well, some of the modern harleys can do 0-60 in 6 seconds or less. Since the single made about 8HP I doubt it would actually make it to 60… but, to put that in perspective, the Chevy inline 4 of the 1920s made 20 horsepower, the Buick inline 6 made 50, the Cadillac V8 made about 80HP. The late 20s Fords ranged from 20-40HP. I didn’t look up weights, but suffice it to say I think an 8HP bike would in fact considerably outrun most of these vehicles (the Caddy’d probably give it a run for it’s money.)

    While looking for acceleration figures (which I never did find), I did find a link showing this 1926 model B (which is apparently just about the same bike but *without* the 3-speed) was $235. Instead of emphasizing acceleration, this earlier ad emphasized getting 80MPG and that it cost 1 cent a mile to drive (versus 8 or 9 cents a mile for a car). With the current economy, I’d LOVE to see an 18% price drop in some items 8-).

  8. Jari says: October 28, 201010:49 am

    Christoph: Overtaking slower vehicles in 2-lane roads? At least there’s a “slight” difference in acceleration from let’s say 80-100 km/h between my current cars 133 bhp/ton vs. my very first cars 53 bhp/ton.

  9. Kosher Ham says: October 28, 20104:50 pm

    most bikers I know, the first thing they modify with their new bikes is modify or remove the mufflers.

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