spray-gun artist (Jan, 1951)

spray-gun artist
WE wonder if the old masters, da Vinci, Rembrandt and Rubens writhe in their graves when Ralph DeGayner takes up his spray gun in pursuit of the Muse! For he seems to have reduced art to a mechanized process far removed from subtle nuances with a brush.

In his studio he has a battery of spray guns with which he can blow out a landscape in five minutes. In one year he produced the amazing number of 1,500 paintings but now he limits his annual output to 300. This permits more time for lecture tours.

“I’m the only painter in the world who doesn’t own a brush,” says DeGayner. “And I practiced for six years to get the right trigger touch.”

There’s one startling difference between his work and that of the masters. A simple DeGayner sells for 20 bucks. •

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  1. Scott B. says: December 29, 20109:29 am

    Mr. DeGayner would have to wait almost 20 years for the perfect canvas for his technique:


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