Spray With Suede! (Jan, 1961)

It’s 9 years after the first ad, but Nels is still going strong, all because of the amazing powers of Flock-Kraft, AKA Micro Fluff, AKA Spray Suede. You’ll note he’s gone crazy, he’s flocking radios, christmas trees, toy piggy banks with top hats. I mean, can you believe it, a piggy bank wearing a top hat? And it’s flocked? That’s just insane. Plus he’s got a new spokesman, a “Mr J.F.K”; wink, wink, nod, nod. Yes, we all know the real reason J.F.K got so much play. Chicks dig flocking.

  1. phil says: August 18, 20086:38 am

    ohhh, id have flocked my testacies the day i got this kit

  2. Dan says: September 7, 200811:12 pm

    Haw haw, he lost it all in a lawsuit. Apparently he was convicted of Mail Fraud, I guess if you ordered his kits, you never got them… 🙂


  3. carlm says: March 18, 20096:47 am

    Apparently, Nels wound up in jail because he just FLOCKED too many customers.

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