Spring-Driven Boat Model (Jan, 1933)

Spring-Driven Boat Model
RIVER boats, with the paddle wheel at the stern, are well known in many localities. A simple little model, which will run fast, can be made as shown, from a board.
A, 18″ by 6″ by 1/2″ thick (although any size may be used) with a 3″ by 4″ notch cut in one end for the paddle wheel, and the other end tapered as shown.
The paddle wheel’, B, consists of two bent L shaped pieces of tin soldered to a 1/8″ metal shaft. The shaft is placed in screw eye bearings. To hold the front of the boat down the lead weight D, may be used.
Two stiff steel springs, C, with strings, E, attached to the free ends, are mounted on the board. The other ends of the strings are securely attached to the shaft. Wind up the wheel and the boat is ready to go.

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