Spuriscope (Nov, 1949)

So, why couldn’t the counterfeiter buy one of these?

Spuriscope tells the difference between a counterfeit bill and a genuine piece of money. The user dials the serial number which is on the currency and there appears on the machine an alphabetical series designation. If the bill in question does not bear the same letters, it’s counterfeit. Accurate Molding Corp., Long Island City, N. Y. makes it.

  1. Toronto says: January 12, 200912:39 am

    Wait – is this a mechanical computer that calculates check digits (in alpha form)? That’s pretty slick.

    Or is the check digit algorithm trivial?

  2. Toronto says: January 12, 200912:48 am

    Ah! It divides by 6.

    Here’s a link on how to use it: http://www.numismaticen…

    They seem to be collectible – they go from $90-$500 based on a quick google search.

  3. Mike says: January 12, 20098:29 pm

    Wouldn’t a counterfeiter make a copy from an original? The check some would work because it is a copy of the original.

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